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Name Karuk

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Image of 4489 - Drill

4489 - Drill

Three-piece pump drill, used to bore holes in items. Carved disk, handle, polished shaft. Sharp metal tip, worn leather strap attached to handle. In good condition, fit for use. Shows much use on disk and shaft.

Image of 7219 - Cooking vessel

7219 - Cooking vessel

Oval soapstone dish, rim broken in two places. Used for catching oil during cooking.

Image of 7220 - Cooking vessel

7220 - Cooking vessel

Soapstone dish with rim worn in one spot. Elliptical shape, shallow.

Image of 7251 - Pounder

7251 - Pounder

Crushing stone, pestle. Greenish-colored stone, large base, tapers at midsection, flares at top, 2 chips off base.

Image of 7323 - Pounder

7323 - Pounder

Crusher. Larger base, tapers in midsection, flares at top (but base is larger). Large chip in base.

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8663.1 - Gaming set

One bundle of 25 straws tied together with a strip of cotton fabric with a red printed design on it. Straws may be a gaming set of counters, or could be raw materials for basket making.

Image of 8765 - Drill

8765 - Drill

Described as "Moqui" drill (CC) and pump drill (SEL) with stone point. Wooden drill with cloth rope, stone point, bound on with leather cord. Condition: broken and repaired.

Image of 8823 - Die

8823 - Die

Originally, eight die or gambling pieces made of nutshells, pitch, and beads; three to eight white glass seed beads inlayed in pitch in each die, some beads may be missing. Shells slightly cracked. Three dice are now missing.

Image of 8865 - Bow, hunting (weapon)

8865 - Bow, hunting (weapon)

Curved wooden bow concave side painted red and decorated with interspersed sets of navy blue parallel, horizontal lines. Padded hide strip grip in center, sewn in place. Bow is cracked horizontally across the back just above the grip. Sinew string in place; slack. (CC)

Image of 8866 - Arrow

8866 - Arrow

Arrow with six red and seven blue bands on one end with feathers; three red bands on other end with obsidian point (CC). Obsidian point attached with thin red threat/fibers; arrow becomes thinner as arrow shaft nears point (E. Kent, 04/03/20215).

Image of 8867 - Arrow

8867 - Arrow

Five blue and four red bands on one end, with feathers. Three blue and one red bands on other end with obsidian point (CC).

Image of 8903 - Knife (t&e)

8903 - Knife (t&e)

Flaked red chert blade, hafted to a carved ash wood handle and bound with wrapped twine in "s" twist, cemented with asphaltum. Similar knife identified as a Yurok knife for dressing salmon in Handbook of the Indians of California (Kroeber 2013 [1925]:pl 16).

Image of 8922 - Purse (func)

8922 - Purse (func)

Identified in museum records as an "otterskin purse" (CC; SEL). Fringed otterskin that rolls to form a bundle. The bundle comprises of a whole river otter skin, the edges cut to form a fringe. Many of the fringe tips have small short sticks bound to their ends with twine or sinew, a few show the remains of where feathers were also once bound in with the sticks, but these have now disintegrated. Much of the otter's fur is gone but what remains appears to have been stained with red ochre pigment (perhaps from items once stored inside). The tail end of the otter has been split to form two long strands which terminate in fringed ends. The skin has two eye holes and another large round hole on one

Image of 8940 - Bead

8940 - Bead

String of olivella shell beads. Each shell has been pierced at each end to form a bead. Shells are white from heat treatment so have lost their natural coloring. In excess of 100 beads strung on twine which may have been used as currency.

Image of 8941 - Spear

8941 - Spear

Salmon spear consisting of a wooden shaft and two detatchable spear heads. Carved wooden shaft, contracted at one end and wrapped with twine. Bone and dental material combined to form points tied by twine and cemented with asphaltum.

Image of 8946 - Fishing net

8946 - Fishing net

Woven fishing net used for catching salmon.

Image of 8967 - Rope

8967 - Rope

Rope to catch deer. Finely braided, with braided-in knot, similar to a simple noose. Approximately 1 cm thick.