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Name Klamath River region

Associated Records

Image of 7251 - Pounder

7251 - Pounder

Crushing stone, pestle. Greenish-colored stone, large base, tapers at midsection, flares at top, 2 chips off base.

Image of 8601 - Drum

8601 - Drum

A circular drum made of hide and a metal innter frame, apparently a barrel hoop. The hide is stretched over the top and bottom of the hoop. The two hide pieces are laced together with hide ties. Drum used in gambling stick games. It is beaten with a stick to which is attached a rattle of deer hooves, while chanting is kept up.

Image of 8908 - Spoon

8908 - Spoon

A wood spoon made from Manzanita. The bowl is almond-shaped. The handle has two prongs at the base, a diamond cutout in the middle, and a rounded tip.

Image of 8911 - Spoon

8911 - Spoon

A spoon made from elk horn. The bowl is shallow, almond-shaped, and has a prominent ridge on its underside. The handle is carved into a curved zigzag shape at the top and notched wings at the base. There is a hole at the top of the handle that is knotted with thin twine.

Image of 8942 - Needle

8942 - Needle

A fishing net needle made from wood and wrapped with twine. The eyes at both ends have a narrow slit for threading.