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Name North America

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Image of 8932 - Purse (func)

8932 - Purse (func)

A money purse made of elk antler and fur. Short segment of antler slit cut lengthwise. Fur wrapped around. Engraved with line. Triangles around slit.

Image of 8911 - Spoon

8911 - Spoon

A spoon made from elk horn. The bowl is shallow, almond-shaped, and has a prominent ridge on its underside. The handle is carved into a curved zigzag shape at the top and notched wings at the base. There is a hole at the top of the handle that is knotted with thin twine.

Image of 15118A - Pestle

15118A - Pestle

Pestle is small and ovoid (not basalt).

Image of 15777 - Spoon

15777 - Spoon

A spoon carved from buffalo horn. The bowl is large, shallow and roughly oval-shaped. The handle is angled upwards and squared off at the end.

Image of 81.1050 - Vessel

81.1050 - Vessel

A ceramic vessel with a macaw motif. Identified as Casas Grandes Ramos Polychrome by Emma Britton.

Image of 8942 - Needle

8942 - Needle

A fishing net needle made from wood and wrapped with twine. The eyes at both ends have a narrow slit for threading.

Image of 8931.2 - Bead

8931.2 - Bead

Dentalia shell beads on broken iris root string, shell money. Originally in elk antler money purse 8931.1.

Image of 72.160 - Doll

72.160 - Doll

A teaching doll (katsina/kachina) carved of a single piece of wood. The figure is standing with one hand raised to its forehead. The figure is wearing a hide cap secured to the head with nails. The cap is decorated with wood shaving bundles at the top and both sides. The figure is wearing a necklace made of string and five dried berries. The face is painted in black and white with a band of red across the eyes and mouth. The body is decorated with black stripes with a set of red stripes added at the ankles.

Image of 8601 - Drum

8601 - Drum

A circular drum made of hide and a metal innter frame, apparently a barrel hoop. The hide is stretched over the top and bottom of the hoop. The two hide pieces are laced together with hide ties. Drum used in gambling stick games. It is beaten with a stick to which is attached a rattle of deer hooves, while chanting is kept up.

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8914 - Spoon

A spoon made from elk antler.

Image of 60.87.5 - Frame

60.87.5 - Frame

A beaded picture frame with an elaborate floral design.

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15121A - Pestle

Pestle is tapered cylinder, flattened at wide end.

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15108B - Sledge (vehicle)

A curved bone runner. The runner has 11 holes along the side, 2 of which have leather strips threaded through them.

Image of 8931.1 - Purse (func)

8931.1 - Purse (func)

A money purse made of elk antler with decorative hide strips (some fur missing). Dentalium beads 8931.2 originally stored inside.

Image of 8908 - Spoon

8908 - Spoon

A wood spoon made from Manzanita. The bowl is almond-shaped. The handle has two prongs at the base, a diamond cutout in the middle, and a rounded tip.

Image of 60.87.10 - Pendant

60.87.10 - Pendant

A beaded pendant with a flower and cross design.

No Image Available

8912 - Spoon

A spoon made of elk antler.

Image of 81.1023 - Pitcher (form)

81.1023 - Pitcher (form)

A black on white ceramic pitcher. Decorated with spirals and zigzags.

Image of 60.87.01 - Table linen

60.87.01 - Table linen

A beaded table cover with a floral design. Made of glass beads sewn to a hide base. The cover is backed with black velvet, although it is unclear if this was added later.

No Image Available

8910 - Spoon

A spoon made of elk antler.

Image of 15106 - Vessel

15106 - Vessel

Rounded gourd-like, bird-shaped ceramic effigy vessel. Buffed, red colored finish, incised design for eyes and beak. Hole in the top of the head. San Francisco Red type.

Image of 15118 - Mortar

15118 - Mortar

Basaltic mortar with hemispherical bowl.

No Image Available

15121 - Mortar

Mortar has a deep bowl with steep sides.

Image of 8611 - Fish hook

8611 - Fish hook

A wooden fish hook with a bone point. Made up of two separate pieces of wood that are tied together with dried reeds. The bone point is tied to the angled wood base with dried reed also. There is a snake pattern carved on the top of the wood base.

Image of 15112 - Mortar

15112 - Mortar

Small stone mortar with hemispherical bowl.