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Name Northwest

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Image of 60.87.5 - Frame

60.87.5 - Frame

A beaded picture frame with an elaborate floral design.

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15108B - Sledge (vehicle)

A curved bone runner. The runner has 11 holes along the side, 2 of which have leather strips threaded through them.

Image of 60.87.10 - Pendant

60.87.10 - Pendant

A beaded pendant with a flower and cross design.

Image of 60.87.01 - Table linen

60.87.01 - Table linen

A beaded table cover with a floral design. Made of glass beads sewn to a hide base. The cover is backed with black velvet, although it is unclear if this was added later.

Image of 8611 - Fish hook

8611 - Fish hook

A wooden fish hook with a bone point. Made up of two separate pieces of wood that are tied together with dried reeds. The bone point is tied to the angled wood base with dried reed also. There is a snake pattern carved on the top of the wood base.

Image of 98.1085 - Mask

98.1085 - Mask

A bookwus (cockle hunter) mask carved out of red cedar. It is painted green, red, white, and black. There is a thick string tied through the hole at the top of the head and a thinner string tied through the nostrils. "William P. George" is written in pencil on the inside.