Object Record

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Object ID 12.0314
Object Name Bead
Material Glass
Description b) & c) Two mold-pressed oblate-faceted black glass beads with irregular facets. Opaque. Perforations taper. a) One wound round-gobular bead. No taper to perforation. Winding grooves visible at perforation end hole. Black opaque glass with dark iridescent colors.

Provenance The Stanford University Archaeologist's Office summer 2012 dig pertained to the history of Searsville Dam and Reservoir and took place at the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve on Stanford land in San Mateo County, California. The Dam keeper's house was one of the properties sought and thirty-five test pits were excavated in an area to the west and south of Searsville Dam. This item was from one of the test pits.
Found North America; United States; San Mateo County; Jasper Ridge Preserve
Site Name Dam Keeper
Site # SU-01
Unit DKF8N
Level 7
Feature 8
Excavated by Pedro Gonzalez; Koji Ozawa; Loren Conway
Collector Laura Jones
Collection Archaeology - Dam Keeper